the vanishing man


The Vanishing Man



I really need an explanation for this very awkward situation. I need someone to explain to me the story behind the guy who seems very interested in a girl and then disappears. I thank God it never happened to me, but unfortunately it happened to many of my friends.

She’s single, attractive, elegant, and has a good job, then she meets a guy who seems to be interested in her. He tries his best to get her attention till he succeeds. They have a long talk and agree to call again to get to know each other better. The girl feels very flattered, she starts to set high expectations, but then he disappears!!

For no particular reason, he was chasing her. He called several times before, just to get her attention, but once he did he was nowhere to be found. Some people say that this is the girl’s fault. That she needs to learn how to differentiate between a sincere man who’s looking for a steady relationship and others who just want to flirt around. But in some cases there’s no indication whatsoever to tell her that the guy is just flirting, especially if he seems decent and acts genuinely interested in the girl.

So what went wrong? How come he never calls again?

There are many scenarios that answer these questions.

First: Sometimes it’s just bad luck and has nothing to do with the man and whether he’s being serious or not. Maybe he lost his mobile with all your numbers, had to travel suddenly on an unplanned business trip, or had an accident or was sick.

Second: It was simply all your imagination and you overestimated his acts. He was just a nice guy who is used to giving compliments to women. Sometimes single women who suffer from loneliness tend to overestimate these matters. Your craving for love can make you misread things.

Third: This is men’s nature that they’re sickly afraid of commitment. According to this theory, when they disappear, it has nothing to do with you. He’s really not sure if he wants to get any deeper into this relationship or not. He starts wondering; do I really like her? Is she the kind of girl I want to marry one day, and usually when men start wondering they panic and disappear. He tells himself that he’s better off free than unhappily married and his fear doesn’t even let him take a risk.

Fourth: That he might be trying to get over another love. He starts off by asking himself if he’ll be able to enjoy a new relationship, so he decides to approach girls and try to catch their attention, but once a girl is caught he realizes that he’s either still in love with his old girlfriend or that he’s too scared of getting heartbroken again. So he decides to vanish.

So depending on your luck, this scenario might happen to you a number of times till you find Mr. Right who will never disappear. Just try to take enough time to know any guy before getting involved with him and remember not to overestimate any guy’s acts or words. Finally, when you find real love, you’ll feel totally different and you’ll realize from the first moment that you have found the man of your life.

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