There is no fear like the fear of leading a single life forever; not because no one can be independent enough but mainly because being single is usually defined as being lonely. I know this for a fact since even though I am enjoying my single life, watching friends and sisters get married makes me wonder if loneliness will hit me somewhere in the future. So far, I am having a great life, perfect career and lots of many single and married friends but the future remains unknown.

Single life is not any better than married life or vice versa; it’s actually a matter of wanting what you can’t get. It’s a human race’s negative; people tend to want more of what they don’t have. Single people are seeking belonging to someone looking for settling down and committing to this one and only, while married people want this freedom of choice that they had to compromise to get along with their partner.

Women are multiplying everyday, which means that some of them are meant to stay single, mostly not by choice but are they destined to loneliness as well?? Not necessarily, I would like to think.

I believe that a woman can survive in this judgmental world only by using a positive attitude. A woman who chooses loneliness will always feel like everyone is having a party, to which she is not invited or sometimes a third wheel in an outing. But which woman are you?

Some women who decide to stay single are mostly waiting for their soul mate; believing that there is a one and only person that is perfect for them. It’s not their fault; ever since we were children, we keep hearing these fairy tales about this knight in shinning armor that comes along to rescue this princess from whatever; everything sounds perfect afterwards. I don’t want to ruin this romantic fantasy that we want so much to believe in but there is no one and only; actually if you go back through your life you will find out that as you get older your one and only differs. There is no existence for this guy who would know the perfect gift for you, how to cheer you up when you are down and will also get along great with your family except in wonderland. Clinging on this thought can give a woman opposite results; chances are your perfect guy thinks you are a snob. No one is recommending settling for less but when, instead of wanting 100 percent, you decide to accept what is above 70 percent, it raises your chances of spotting your soul mate, who is may be not as perfect as you have dreamt, yet perfect enough.

While some people believe that as you get older, your chances for finding your soul mate are lower, I believe that as you get older you become pickier. Getting older means working for longer and creating your own life, which accordingly means you have become more independent than before. Most women think more than once before giving up their independence, their freedom of speech and actions, which makes their search much harder. If you are one of these women and you are not painfully single but enjoying life by putting more energy in different directions, then enjoy it while you can. There is a possibility you will end up single but chances are you might meet this special someone when you are enjoying a healthy alone time. After all, they say it hits you when you least expect it.

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