من هيفا إلى حيفا

Let the Lebanese heal their wounds and bury their dead…


Meanwhile, I will ask my questions:

Is political polarization in Lebanon today 2006, more or less than it was in 1976?

Will the "14 March" Group in Lebanon speak louder now than they did in the past year?

What is your bet on Lebanon 10 years from now?

Is any one in Lebanon working in the direction of a cofederate state?

What is the difference in the "logic of The State" and the "logic of The Resistance"

Who "kidnapped" Lebanon in July 2006 ~ Hezbullah, Lebanese politicians or Israel?

Is Hezbullah happy to see Beirut "bloom" with new ideas and beauty?

If Hezbullah is pushed out of South Lebanon, where would they turn their guns?

Do you believe that all the demonstrations in Arab capitals will change any governments’ policies?

Suppose Israel and the US had a "ready scenario" to destroy Lebanon ~ then what is the job of our politicians ~ avoid the trap or jump in?

Do you think KSA would allow the Lebanese Sunnis to be run_over?

Do you think Iran would allow the Lebanese Sheea’a to be run_over?

A Jewish proverb says ~ each Israeli has 3 opinions on every point: Yes, No and May be.

But would Israelis stick together when it comes to their security?

Would Arab States and people ever feel and think like that?

On account of this war, would Israel re_build its military for the next 20 years or so?

What would be the end_result of this Israeli build_up on Lebanon?

Do you really believe there is going to be a "new" Mid East?

Was there ever an "old" Mid East?

If yes, please define it?

Why shouldn’t the Near East blow up after kidnapping one soldier?

Wasn’t the First World War started when one man was shot?


To all the Lebanese "philosophers", I have the following questions:

1. Who did you vote for in the last elections?

2. Do you know one honest Lebanese politician?

3. Who has been running our country for the past 30 years?

4. Do you want to PITY THE NATION and OURSELVES?

5. Aren’t you sick to your soul from all our politicians?



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