Falún Gōng


Some wounds are embedded so deeply that no amount of professional expertise can cure, much less heal. A famous Yale surgeon says that as a surgeon, he cuts into the body, but he can not order the wound to heal. Ultimately, it is through our efforts that healing can occur. The path to healing is a personal choice. It is a path where you choose to piece together the fragments and make it" whole" again. It paves the way to self-discovery, to open the door to your inner self and experience inner harmony. And ultimately, come to meet the child within that has longed for your love, care and attention. The child within that is forgotten, pushed to the background, lurks in the shadows, but patiently waits to be acknowledged.


Childhood trauma ~ When love is venom ~ Grief The loss of a loved one ~ Guilt ~ Wrong turns and wrong choices ~ Unfulfilled dreams and hopes ~

One day you wake up and realize your dream never materialized and now you languish over the many years you spent trying to pursue that dream! All this while, time, opportunities and life passed you by. Hope can lead to disappointment- realize this. When all hopes are dashed, what have you got?

PATH TO HEALING: Healing is a complex matter. Who has never felt the pains of suffering, be it physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual. There are avenues open to healing. One may choose to spend time with a professional, seek comfort from related groups, from family, but always, healing has to start with oneself, from within that deep well of strength. It takes determination to face up to your dilemma, but, ultimately, it is most rewarding to regain your personal power, self-confidence, learn to love yourself and enjoy that inner peace and calm. It is important to acknowledge the pain, to recognize the cause, to be able to integrate the fragmented pieces and be willing to take it to the next step to be "whole" again. Then, you will be able to share love and peace with the world once again. Healing extends beyond the physical state- when the pain is so deep, the spirit, and the soul also bear the pain. It comes in hauntingly in the dark of the night, it fills a once loving heart with venom, it could ravage a once healthy mind and body. Beneath a once beautiful and graceful soul is the mask of vengeance; venom for venom.

BLOCKS TO HEALING sometimes, the path to healing is full of potholes. Indeed, the path is covered with blocks, where healing can not be accomplished, it’s almost out of reach. Impediments on the path: denial, apathy, self-absorption and self-indulgence, addiction, putting up walls and barriers, busy-bee syndrome, compartmentalizing, isolation, withdrawal from society, cynicism, loss of faith, trust and compassion, self-pity, poor-me syndrome, anger, fear of getting hurt again, martyr complex, neurosis or psychosis, aggressive/ oppressive behavior, confrontational attitude guilt complex, resignation, loss of motivation. Sometimes, we hurt those we love most deeply; likewise, we bear the pain they cause.
Time is a great healer, but don’t take the painfully slow route and miss out on what the world holds for you. Let life flow for you and with you.
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