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Scandinavian Simplicity

The love affair with Scandinavian design began back in the ‘60s and has now lasted longer than most marriages. "Form follows function" is the guiding principle of the Swedish and Danish Modern styles. Free from purely decorative embellishments, this furniture is nonetheless smooth, sleek and sensual. Its characteristic reliance on blonde woods like birch and pine, itself a departure from the 19th-century European tradition of dark woods, adds a light and spacious feel to any room. Any drift toward the bland is offset by areas of bright colors and bold patterns in rugs, upholstery and artwork.

 French Country Classic

This does not mean that some of us in the Near East [particularly Lebanon] do not go still for the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV for their style. Those might also appreciate the French Country Classic designs and rustic interpretations. Far less formal than the décor at Versailles, the French Country style embraces woods in their natural state or lightly-stained, caned seats and backs, weathered iron and a sun-drenched Mediterranean palette.

Moroccan Magic

In the Gulf, Moroccan furniture conjures up its own exotic allure. Its rich cultural stew combines Moorish, Spanish, French and Arab influences. In Moroccan décor, color is key. Vibrant jewel tones range from intense crimson to shimmering gold, deep cabernet and luminescent emerald and turquoise, all set off against soft earth tones like terra cotta and sandstone. Geometric patterns, beading and embroidery illuminate fabrics and structural elements like carved trunks, traditional tea tables and colored glass lanterns can help transform your surroundings into your own personal oasis 

Asian Aesthetics

While there are many distinct Asian cultures, each with its own distinct decorative tradition, no elements of interior design have been as eagerly adopted as those of China. Between China and Japan, China’s is the most ornate. Bold colors like red (symbolizing good fortune), gold, green and black in glossy lacquers on furniture and furnishings, as well as intricate carving and metal work. While Japanese designs tend toward minimalism with an emphasis on space rather than clutter.



"Goals tagged 2007 Resolution" from around the world.

  1. lose weight 16835 people
  2. stop procrastinating 13427 people
  3. Fall in love 11348 people
  4. be happy 10128 people
  5. Get a tattoo 8907 people
  6. drink more water 8577 people
  7. get married 8494 people
  8. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination 8402 people
  9. Take more pictures 7390 people
  10. Save money 6436 people
  11. Make new friends 6066 people
  12. Buy a House 5997 people
  13. Read more books 5674 people
  14. get out of debt
  15. exercise regularly 4826 people
  16. Skydive 4761 people
  17. learn French 4659 people
  18. get in shape 4511 people
  19. eat healthier 4487 people
  20. run a marathon 4475 people
  21. get a job 4308 people
  22. wake up when my alarm clock goes off 4304 people
  23. be more confident 4187 people
  24. Start my own business 4170 people
  25. Quit Smoking 4109 people
  26. stop biting my nails 3654 people
  27. Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working 3641 people
  28. Learn to play the piano 3440 people
  29. Learn to surf 3384 people
  30. live passionately 3253 people
  31. identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) 3203 people
  32. learn to dance 2960 people
  33. learn to drive 2896 people
  34. Get organized 2789 people
  35. Exercise more 2608 people
  36. Lose 30 pounds 2576 people
  37. get my driver’s license 2554 people
  38. Get more sleep 2522 people
  39. Worry less. 2396 people
  40. meet new people 2285 people
  41. be more social 2216 people
  42. Practice Yoga 2209 people
  43. stop wasting time 2168 people
  44. Volunteer 2163 people
  45. meditate daily 2069 people
  46. live simply 2030 people
  47. Write more 1935 people
  48. Learn to knit 1897 people
  49. Stop caring what other people think of me 1835 people
  50. go to college 1826 people
  51. get another tattoo 1813 people
  52. Take more photos 1793 people
  53. be a better person 1791 people
  54. write a book and have it published 1675 people
  55. be more patient 1653 people
  56. smile more 1642 people
  57. bungee jump 1619 people
  58. Be less shy 1599 people
  59. Find a balance between the things I want to do and the things I need to do 1564 people
  60. finish college 1534 people
  61. clean my room 1526 people
  62. grow my hair long 1521 people
  63. Send a message in a bottle 1410 people
  64. figure out what i want to do with my life 1391 people
  65. pray more 1370 people
  66. learn Chinese 1350 people
  67. Read the Bible 1265 people
  68. Keep a journal 1221 people
  69. Be a better blogger 1218 people
  70. Read the entire Bible 1191 people
  71. learn to belly dance 1184 people
  72. Drink eight glasses of water each day 1182 people
  73. Keep my room clean 1181 people
  74. Love without fear 1106 people
  75. Learn to play the drums 1102 people
  76. lose 50 pounds 1097 people
  77. go camping 1059 people
  78. pay off my debt 1046 people
  79. watch less TV 1029 people
  80. learn to draw 1006 people
  81. have no regrets 981 people
  82. whiten my teeth 950 people
  83. be more positive 942 people
  84. live in the moment 929 people

and fewer people chose:

  1. love my body
  2. attend Cannes Film Festival
  3. have more fun after marriage than before
  4. quit my job
  5. learn to pick locks
  6. jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  7. be hypnotized
  8. quit saying I’m sorry
  9. loose weight ~ get in shape for a bikini
  10. scan in all my old photographs
  11. visit a Buddhist temple
  12. look for better sex
  13. plan a Spa getaway