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‘Slow’ life is the Good life


What is Slow Fashion?
Slow Fashion is to clothing and design what slow food is to cuisine – natural, organic, ethical, local (where possible) and one-off designs with an emphasis on quality, and of course – taste. Slow Fashion means you can look fantastic and feel 100% guilt free.


We all know how fast food operates: processed ingredients from unknown origins, grown with chemicals by low-paid workers, become not-so-nutritive nourishment, not to mention a health-risk!


Fashion works a little differently, of course, but there are parallels. Fast fashion involves a sort of democratization of style. Runway looks are reproduced as quickly as possible for consumers with limited budgets. Designers franchise second and third lines, allowing the masses an opportunity to buy a bit of mystique. The garments don’t have to last, since the styles are ephemeral and short-lived. This translates to resource-intensive, disposable clothing. As with food, there’s little emphasis on who made a garment and how, or the social and environmental effects


Today’s people are becoming more conscious of and concerned with their body, mind, family, environment and food. So the ‘Slow’ movement has been initiated. The principles of ‘Slow’ are a great way to live; bringing benefits to yourself, local community and the environment. This idea can be integrated further into clothing.


Slow describes a valuable garment that is loved, low maintenance and worn a lot. ‘Fast’ being basically the opposite; high maintenance, never worn and dated. These basic ideas can be put into play whilst shopping for clothes and other items. Ask yourself; will this be a regretful ‘Fast’ purchase? Or is this a good ‘Slow’ decision?


‘Slow’ clothing is special, of lasting quality and contests mass produced throwaway fashion. Sustainable clothing must be seen as affordable luxury by taking the same path that gourmet food has. People so concerned with what goes into their body as with what is on or around it.


Go Slow