Monthly Archives: February 2008



When was the last time you had a medical checkup? May be quite a while, may be never! May be you are doing more checkups on your car than your body!


If the above applies to you then you are either a fatalist or just plain careless. If you have checked yourself once a year, then you are a ‘traditionalist’. If you check your health every 3 to 6 months, then you’re the careful type. 


Until two months back, I had no idea what is ‘health capital’. It’s not that I am careless; I just am a traditionalist. Meaning I have some clinical checkups every year and then make some diet adjustments which I thought kept me healthy. Well, I was wrong!


It’s not only a healthy diet, or new biotech pills to make you loose weight, walking for a long life, or going to the gym every day, etc, that will keep you healthy. None of those alone will work.


In most cases, being healthy is a concept that has become synonymous with avoiding accidents or any other external danger, or treating a disease when it hits you. Unfortunately, this concept is wrong.


The best way to protect your health capital is your way-of-life. It’s the continuous improvement of your life style (living environment, work conditions, nutrition, exercise, etc). Its all those things practiced together that will keep your ‘health capital’. It’s a combination of the mental, spiritual and physical that will keep you healthy.