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Shanghai 2010


Shanghai World Expo-2010

Better City, Better Life



If you Google Shanghai you’ll get over 50 million hits so there is not much I could say in terms of information. But still I would like to talk a little about my trip there in September 2010. 


The best time of year to travel would be April-May or September when the weather is moderate. If you fly from the Near East you’ll arrive at Pudong airport. Via Dubai or Qatar you can catch a direct flight or via Singapore and Hong Kong which will take five hours longer. You can then take a taxi to the city [1 hour] or take the Maglev bullet train which gets you there in 8 minutes [at 473 KM/hour].


If you are looking for modern culture, music and the arts then Shanghai does not have as much as Beijing or Taiwan to offer; but if you’re looking for different experiences in history and modernity, ancient culture, investment, shopping, super structures or even good food, you will be dazzled.


This year, World Expo is held in Shanghai from May till end October. Theme of the Expo is Better City, Better Life. It represents the wish for humankind to live in better urban environments. The pavilions of various country exhibits are gigantic and it would take almost two months to tour the whole Expo so you have to be selective. The structure and architecture of most pavilions is really amazing. Almost every country outdid itself with designs that took years to complete.


Like most visitors to Shanghai, I visited the Bund, Yuyuan Gardens, City Gold Temple, Nanjing Road, the Financial Centers, took a cruise on the Huangpu River and of course World Expo. Eight days is definitely not enough time to see the city. So I made a mental note to revisit Shanghai in may be 5 years from now and I am sure it will be a different scene at that time.


Going around Shanghai is very easy with many taxis all over and a number of modern Metro lines that criss-cross the City. Metro prices are very cheap like half a dollar to travel any distance from one point to another.


Some useful tips:


  • Check the weather to decide on the best time of year to visit
  • A Chinese friend in the City will be great because of language problem
  • Find a good Guidebook with street maps and other locations in English
  • Bring a laptop and make sure your hotel offers free internet access
  • Get a Metro map in English as the City has an excellent underground

Expo Pavilion details:



Metro Map: