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There is something about Central Europe that I find absolutely charming and the city I will write about is exceptionally so.

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol in Western Austria; named in 1180 after the bridge over the river Inns-Bruck. Located between four mountain ranges, it is easy to reach by train or shuffle from Munich in Southern Germany. With a population of about 130000, the city boasts many interesting buildings, museums, churches, parks, gardens and fascinating mountain peaks. Some of those peaks are accessible from the city center by cable car. The city has a good history of sporting events including the 1976 winter Olympics, with a fascinating ski jump stadium designed by Zaha Hadid. Due to its location between high mountains, Innsbruck is an ideal place for skiing in winter and mountaineering in summer.

The province of Tyrol is so different from the rest of Austria that you might think you’ve crossed a border when you get there and if you like Central Europe, you’ll find Innsbruck in a class on its own.

Here are the names of some places to visit:

  1. Alstadt (old town) and golden dome
  2. Hofburg
  3. Triumphforte
  4. Landesmuseum
  5. Schloss Ambras
  6. Maria-Theresien-Strabe (Main Street)
  7. Bergiselschanze, designed by Zaha Hadid
  8. Hafelekar (2256 meters over the city)
  9. Wilde Freiger (3418 meters) for climbers.

A special City Bus will take you around to all those places and you could dismount at any one location and then rejoin the bus to another location.

To visit all the above places, you will need 3 to 4 days depending on how many hours you’ll want to walk each day. Even for “lazy” travellers the city and surrounding mountains have so much to offer you’ll barely notice the passage of time.

A note for music lovers: if you like to attend concerts or music festivals for which Austria is famous for, you should know that over 90% of those venues for 2011 are already booked; but you could still find some seats and can make bookings on_line.

If you are not interested in nature, culture, music, good food, wine and bear then you’ll be better off vacationing at another destination.