شرم الشيخ

The warm and gentle excitement on the narrow walkways, and close by shores, will fill you with desire to take a swim anytime day or night. If you are with someone even slightly romantic or soulful, the place will bring you at least ten years back to a phase of sentiment and sensuality.


The normal tendency of travellers is to visit a variety of chosen places that we find interesting and pleasant. Then there are those of us who spend a number of visits in the same place and keep going back whenever we can – for many of us, Sharm El-Sheikh is such a place.


I guess earlier experiences go a long way in shaping our decisions and our reasons will vary; the first is the possibility to visit Sharm in different seasons when we will always find the colors different and the moods also different on every visit.


Of course touristic Sharm and surroundings are the same but there is no scarcity of various nice things to do throughout the year – and there is always the sea which is never the same. It offers endless possibilities in all its color and all its beauty. Sharm will definitely change the way we look at the sea. Sometimes cool and colorful, sometimes a little scary with wide varieties of beauty.


The walkways in some of the newly built areas [outside Naáma Bay] are calm and very bright in the mornings and supremely elegant throughout the day. You can enjoy making some images of those beautiful places and see them when the mood strikes you.


Visitors travel to Sharm in winter, spring, summer and fall. An amazing place to be and has lots of opportunities throughout the year. Local people and visitors alike will always surprise you. They are astonishingly different and pleasant every time you meet them.

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