Monthly Archives: October 2012


All kinds of miracles

Today was a beautiful, sunny, warm (27C), golden autumn day. The beach waters a clear beautiful blue with just the right wind and waves; one last great thing that it happened on the last day of EID holidays.

I spent a few morning hours on the beach with an old friend and his 3 kids, the youngest of whom (a girl) is almost a miracle called Misk! There was little to do but enjoy the sun, sand and lovely waters.

It’s hard to see that the hours of daylight are significantly shorter than they were in mid-summer; but I am happy to see that not everyone goes along with shorter days. Some of us keep trying to keep the full day’s hours as lively as in spring and summer. Even some desert plants decided to sprout nowadays still thinking it is summer.

And there are other miracles:

The world has rockets and satellite and nanotechnology. We have robot arms and robot hands, robots for roving the surface of Mars. Unmanned planes, controlled remotely, could hear human voices from three miles away. We could manufacture skin, clone sheep. We could make a dead man’s heart pump blood through the body of a stranger. We are making great strides in the realms of love and sadness – we have drugs to spur desire, drugs for melting pain. We perform all sorts of miracles: we could make the blind see and the deaf hear, and doctors daily conjured babies from the wombs of infertile women. At the time of the slowing, stem cell researchers were on the verge of healing paralysis – surely the lame soon would have walked.

But in spite of all the miracles we are capable of, there will always be something beyond our ability to understand and fix; not just a global catastrophe, but everyday human disasters too involving life and death and love and hate.

Also in this beautiful autumn, there will be rough personal crossings and as with any harsh journey, not much will survive. Still, there will be many days full of hope, wonder and anticipation.