40 years on

Graham Greene writes “How dangerous it always is to try and recapture in middle age a scene from one’s youth”.

Ask a world traveller to name you their favourite big cities and they will name Rio, Paris, St. Petersburg, Prague, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, New York and Rome; Vienna is not even mentioned. However, of all the large cities in Europe, Vienna is a very popular destination for many visitors. The capital of Austria is famous for its music, Viennese and Renaissance Architecture and fine arts.


All those treasures are centered within a relatively small space. Apart from the Belvedere and Schonbrunn, most of those art treasures are located in the historic First District and the whole area is more or less like one huge open-air museum. Buildings from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo epochs can be found here alongside modern and Art Noveau architecture.


For the traveller who is not so much interested in culture, there is the music scene with a typical concert evening of waltzes from Johann Straus, Mozart piano sonatas and serenades. A typical concert programme usually performed in a medium concert hall in the Central District and lasting less than two hours.


On the lighter side, the city offers a variety of culinary and shopping pleasures. It’s not so much the quantity but displays and the Viennese passion that extends into simple things.


To go back to Graham Greene, it’s NOT always dangerous to try and recapture a scene from your youth, especially in a place that holds memories dear and precious. One little advice though, always carry your own bag!



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