He can smell La Belle roses

la belle rose

He’s not a young guy you know, but still gets around a lot / nothing wrong with him – he’s just older… So he always looked for her involuntarily in the spots she frequented and after so many weeks and months of silence, a surprise / the lovely charming voice is close by and so they meet again.

 Although her secrets were still locked in her heart, it filled him with joy to see her ravishing beauty – and to meet her was supreme happiness – though just for a few stolen moments!

 Her smile a charm, her figure seductive and captivating as always; her blue dress simple elegance, enticing and classy, so may be time to hope. He wanted to hold her close to his heart and not just wander, admire and remember. She must have seen the longing in his eyes and still she can’t say the words he wanted to hear – and then, the usual fictitious excuses!

 Seems he will keep making the same omissions hoping she’ll understand; and will one day realize that she carries his soul and the love that comes along only once… She is with him whether he likes it or not and he is spent from missing her…

Then again, may be great romance is only good in novels.

 and The Heart will not heal!

g g marquez




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