Echappées Belles / Baden-Baden

On a recent trip to Germany, I spent a few hours at a local resort where one could see more naked people that they have seen in years. Fortunately, or not, I could only half immerse in the waters due to minimal surgery a few of days earlier. Before you get into the pool, and to prepare your body, a masseuse will ask “hard or soft?” In either case you’ll end up with a “spank”. So be ready!

Located in the magnificent landscape of the North Black Forest, Baden-Baden is a small city with around 50,000 inhabitants. It has a reputation and international flair much larger than its size. Lots of famous people, since the Romans, have been guests or residents here – from Tolstoy to Bill Clinton. Many artists have also found a good home in Baden-Baden: like Berlioz, Brahms, Dostoyevsky, Liszt, Mark Twain and von Weber.

Consider visiting the city in late spring or summer when the roses bloom!


The Roman-Irish Bath

Friedrichsbad Baths


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