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I stood in silence



bright & brilliant mind


Nothing I could do. Nothing I could say!

It is dark and cold under those oak trees,

And my heart is always with you.

You will be missed and never forgotten,

We will always miss you beloved Amina.


Watch over us –

I will leave all my windows and doors open


“We never know what awaits us” – I heard it so many times before. But one thing does await us – one final thing – and when the moment comes, it puts everything into perspective. At those solemn and grave moments, you review all the history, even episodes that are off limits. And wonder with cynicism about what you thought were your personal gains. You also search for the reasons of past hostility and scorn; then you realize your dishonesties, stupidities and personal failures.


It would be good to keep only the great and marvelous moments – but only if. I do not know what this anthropic universe holds for us; except the hope!

We will all meet up there!


رحيل ألكاتبة أمينة غصن

جمعت في كتبها بين الغرائز البشرية والقداسة