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I have been thinking about this for some time and finally I did it! I sent samples for my tests from paternal and maternal sides. I will have the results within 4 weeks. iGENEA runs tests to determine your paternal and maternal origins.


For men iGENEA recommends the Combined Starter Test for € 185, which answers the question of a person’s descent in the maternal and paternal line. You will receive a written report containing information on your primal people, your country of origin and your haplogroup on both paternal and maternal side as well as access to the iGENEA database for an unlimited period.
For women we recommend the mtDNA-plus Test for € 150, which answers the question of where a person comes from in the maternal line. If as a woman you would like to have your paternal lineage tested, the involvement of a male family member is required (why?). This can be the father, uncle, brother, grandfather or cousin on the paternal side



The test:

A saliva sample is sufficient for determining one’s origin along the maternal and paternal line. After the DNA analysis the person receiving the gift receives a detailed report, this contains his or her primitive tribes, country of origin and haplogroup. The report includes maps and detailed explanations.


The iGENEA database is available free and for an unlimited period. The large database provides you with the possibility of finding genetic cousins, i.e. people with whom you have common ancestors. By exchanging information such as family tree records with your genetic cousins, you extend your knowledge of the history of your family – faster and more precisely than ever before.

How is the DNA done?
Saliva samples are needed for conducting the analysis. Collecting the saliva samples is easy, absolutely free of pain, and can be conducted at home.

Which test should one select?
iGENEA will assist with regard to selecting the correct test. Call them by telephone or send an E-Mail.

When will you receive the test set if you order?
It will be sent on the same day or at the latest on the following day. Postal delivery within
Europe takes two to four days. Customers in Switzerland will receive the test set on the next day. Customers in the Near East will receive the test set within 10 days and their test results within 4 weeks.

Some technical stuff:

1. Options on which line do you want to analyze?

– only the paternal
– only the maternal
– both lines



As a woman you can only trace your maternal line, since you have no Y-chromosome. To have an investigation of your paternal line, you will need a mucus sample from a male relative.




2. What do you want to know after the analysis?

Do you only want to investigate the geographic origins of your ancestors? Or do you also want the test results to help complete your family tree and help you to find relatives all over the world?
For investigating your geographic origins tests with low resolution suffice. Prices:

Y-DNA-12 Test For the paternal line

€ 120.-

Y-DNA-67 Test For the maternal line

 € 259.- 

mtDNA-Super Test For the paternal and maternal lines

€ 385.-



All iGENEA procedures are subject to strict regulations. They apply the highest level of priority to quality, reliability and protection of your personal data. For this reason they process and save your data in strict accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act. You can obtain information from them with regard to the data they have received from you at any time. You decide on whether and for how long iGENEA preserves your data for you.

iGENEA ( GmbH) guarantees you a free of charge repeat of your ordered test, if for any reason (e.g. due to lack of sample material sent to them) there is no result.


Data Reliability

The determination of your genetic origins (haplogroup and indigenous people group) is based on scientific analysis in the fields of genetics and anthropology. Certain DNA-mutations (markers) define different populations. Your DNA profile enables iGENEA to identify to which indigenous people group you belong. Every new scientific discovery in this area adds to the already extant data, so that iGENEA constantly keep you on the cutting edge of scientific advances.
In the search for relatives, your DNA-profile is compared with those of all other persons in iGENEA data bank. You are shown who genetically matched with you. These “genetic cousins” share common ancestors with you. Depending on the degree of genetic agreement, you are dealing with closer or more distant relatives. In the online results, you can find a supplementary table for calculating the degree of kinship.


Updating the Data
All data in iGENEA data banks are updated daily and adjusted to reflect the newest developments in research. Changes in nomenclature are taken into account at once, and adopted for all extant clients.


The nagging thought that might reside with you is: Am I of Indian descent! Well, I’ll soon find out..